1. Registration

1.1 Bookings can only be made via this website (www.itmconference.org.uk)

1.2 Manual registrations cannot be accepted.

1.3 Fully paid Business Buyer and Industry Practitioner Members attending the Buyer Programme and invited VIPs only can attend the conference free of charge.

1.4. Business Buyer Members attending the Buyer Programme will require valid membership from 1 June 2016 to 1 June 2017.

1.5 All delegates shall pay their own travel, accommodation and subsistence costs unless specifically stated otherwise.

1.6 All delegates attending MUST be an ITM Business Member, either a paid ITM Business Member or an ITM Connect Member. The relevant conference fee will then be applied based on your delegate type and level of membership. For more information on ITM membership http://www.itm.org.uk/registration/join

Business travel buyers who are not members of ITM may attend the event by registering as a Business or Connect Member and paying the relevant Conference Fees. ITM will contact you to confirm your membership details.

1.7 Industry Practitioner (IP) members of ITM may attend the conference by attending as an IP Buyer. To do so they must represent a recognised travelling organisation and approval from a senior representative from that organisation must have been provided to ITM. Request for approval must be in the form of an e-mail to the Chief Executive Officer of ITM from the client authorising the Industry Practitioner to attend on their behalf and badged in the Buyer Client’s company name. ITM’s decision on the qualification of any applications by IP to attend as an IP Buyer is final. IP members attending as an IP Buyer are then treated as Buyer delegates and all terms and conditions applying to Buyers apply to IP Buyers. To apply for approval to attend as a representative Buyer (you must be a fully paid up ITM Industry Practitioner Business Member) please e-mail Simone.Buckley@itm.org.uk.

1.8 The conference is open to Industry Practitioners, not attending as an IP Buyer, as long as they pay the Industry Practitioner / Supplier delegate rate.

1.9 The conference is not open to Industry Practitioners or Suppliers who are not members of ITM. Industry Practitioners and Suppliers may attend the event by registering as an ITM Business member or Connect and paying the relevant membership and conference fees.

1.10 ITM reserves the right to deny admission to the Conference; the decision of the ITM Chief Executive Officer in this respect is final.

1.11 As an ITM Business Buyer Member you receive a complimentary Conference place, this is awarded on the condition that Business Buyer Members attend the full conference programme (Tuesday to Thursday) and participate in the Buyer/Sponsor sessions on the afternoon of Wednesday 3 May. Any Business Buyer Member who fails to attend the full conference will be required to pay a Conference Fee of £299.00 + VAT


2. Payments

2.1 Payment is accepted by personal or company credit card or invoice.

2.2 Payment for the ITM Conference 2017 must be received before Monday 10 April 2017. Late payment fees shall be charged at 2% above the base lending rate of the Bank of England, accruing on a monthly basis until the actual date of payment.

2.3 A receipt will be dispatched upon completion of your registration, including acknowledgement of payment.

2.4 Payment will be taken in £ Sterling.

2.5 Payments will show on your credit card statement as Rachel Ley Consultancy LTD – ITM and can take up to 10 days to leave your account.

2.6 This is a Tour Operators’ Margin Scheme supply. The supply falls under the Value Added Tax (Tour Operators) Order 1987. VAT cannot be reclaimed for supplies accounted for under the TOMS


3. Cancellation Charges

3.1 Cancellation Charges – Buyer Member

3.1.1 A cancellation fee of £299 + VAT will apply should a Buyer Member cancel their attendance after Monday 13 March 2017. Whilst the ITM Event Team will try and deal with each individual situation as flexibly as possible, the following terms and conditions should be noted and ITM reserves the right to apply cancellation charges by default.

3.1.2 A Buyer Member may designate an appropriate substitute, approved by the ITM Chief Executive Officer, to attend in his/her place, at any time, providing that the replacement is a bona fide travel buyer/manager with the same organisation and a valid ITM member. Please be aware that there will be an admin fee of £75 to make this change.


3.2 Cancellation Charges – Supplier delegates

3.2.1 Any Supplier/Industry practitioner delegate who cancels their attendance after Monday 13 March 2017 will incur a 100% charge of the delegate rate paid and no refund will be issued. Whilst the ITM Event Team will try and deal with each individual situation as flexibly as possible, the following terms and conditions should be noted and ITM reserves the right to apply cancellation charges by default.

3.2.2 A Supplier/Industry Practitioner delegate may designate a substitute to attend in his/her place, at any time, providing that the replacement is a bona fide travel supplier with the same organisation / company. An admin fee of £75 will be charged.

3.3 ITM reserves the right to refuse registration from any delegate or nominated substitute delegate.

3.4 ITM Golf Terms and Conditions – Golf places must be registered and paid in full within 10 days prior to the event. All Fees are 100% non-refundable. Player names and handicap information may be changed up to 14 days prior to the event.


3.5 Accommodation Cancellation

3.5.1 Although we will make best endeavours to ensure that delegates are within the hotel accommodation, which is booked upon registration; ITM reserves the right to provide alternatives where required to do so and will endeavour to communicate any changes to you as soon as reasonably possible.

3.5.2 ITM will not accept responsibility for any charges arising from any amendment or cancellation of bookings by delegates for the ITM Conference 2017.

3.5.3 This is a Tour Operators’ Margin Scheme supply. The supply falls under the Value Added Tax (Tour Operators) Order 1987. VAT cannot be reclaimed for supplies accounted for under the TOMS.

3.5.4 If a delegate can no longer attend the Conference and therefore cancels their accommodation at Hilton Birmingham Metropole, which was booked and paid for as part of their registration after 4 April 2017 this will incur 100% charge. To avoid this charge the delegate may designate an appropriate substitute but this new delegate must comply with either clause 3.1.2 or 3.2.4.

3.5.5 It is the responsibility of the individual delegate to read, understand and abide by the terms of each hotel’s policy.


4. At the Conference

4.1 All delegates must attend all scheduled sessions unless otherwise stated.

4.2 No delegate or sponsor may arrange or host any gathering or function during the ITM Conference that ITM deems to conflict with the integrity of the event, or which prevents delegates from attending official activities scheduled within the conference programme. ITM’s decision in this matter is final.

4.3 Certain conference sessions will be filmed for distribution to ITM members via the ITM website and through other channels as directed by ITM. Delegates’ approval for their images to be used is deemed to have been received unless the conference office is advised to the contrary by no later than Tuesday 18 April 2017.


5. ITM Conference App

5.1 All delegates are required to use the ITM Conference App for the purpose of participating in voting and networking activities.


6. Indemnity

6.1 ITM reserves the right to change the conference content, timing, or speakers without notice.

6.2 The event may be postponed or cancelled by ITM for any reason. If such a situation should occur ITM will endeavour to reschedule the conference. However, ITM cannot be held responsible for any cost, damage or expenses, which may have been incurred by the delegate as a consequence of the conference being postponed or cancelled.

6.3 In the event that the UK Government declares a day(s) national mourning, ITM will not be held accountable for any financial losses resulting in the cancellation of all or part of the conference.

6.4 ITM strongly urges all delegates to make adequate insurance arrangements to cover any/all eventualities.